In the  spirit of Alay Kapwa, Claretians conducted a two-part outreach activity last March 2023. 

On March 17, 2023, fifty (50) children from the Basic Ecclesial Communities under the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (IHMP) were recipients of the outreach activity. The afternoon program was facilitated by the Grades 9 and 10 Homeroom Managers and members of the Central Board of Students (CBS).  



On March 31, fifty (50) mothers coming from the same BECs under the IHMP were the outreach recipients. On that day, the program was facilitated by the Grades 11 and 12 Homeroom Managers and again members of the Central Board of Students.



Through the generosity of the Claretian students and parents, one hundred families received bags containing toiletries, cleaning items, coffee, milk, sugar, toys, canned goods and 5 kilos of rice which were offerings during the regular Masses. Aside from the activities and games facilitated by the student leaders, short reflections on almsgiving were given by Mr. Rowelito Cruz and Mr. Krister Fernan Mercene, both CLE teachers, in their respective groups. 



The Parish Priest of IHMP, Fr. Julius “Jay”Coching, CMF also gave a short message during the said activities. 


The close coordination and collaboration among the FEED, IHMP, the SAFC’s Ms. Rosana Diwa (Grades 9-10) and Ms. Roselyn Abancia (Grades 11-12), the CBS Moderator Ms. Samantha Lee Ahorro and BEC Leader Ms. Marilyn Bala made this year’s two-part Alay Kapwa activity possible and a meaningful encounter. #ScientiaMaximeCumVirtute