Joining the celebration of the 2021 International Literacy Day, just like their Claretian brothers and sisters in the higher grade levels, the students in the Junior and Senior Nursery gathered in a virtual assembly last September 17.

With the aim of engaging the young Claretians and promoting literacy among them through activities like singing, dancing, storytelling, games, and doing practical life skills, the teachers in the Child Study Center prepared activities that the kids really enjoyed and learned from. They found joy in dancing and singing the “FruitJuice Song”.They listened attentively to the story, “Oliver Fruit Salad” by Vivian French, which inspired them to prepare their own fruit salad. Much more excitement was felt when everybody participated in the “Color Game”.Afterwards, the young students showed their shirt in their favorite color which they associated with the colorful fruits that they love to eat.

The literacy day activities provided the young learners with opportunities to integrate literacy in their everyday lives and to instill in them that literacy is everywhere and part of everything that they do.