Easter brings great rejoicing to the disciples that made them run with new vigour and hope.  Together with the disciples, we take the Easter run.

      This dynamic movement demands that we have to move away from the tomb of destructive realities and experiences. We have to move away from that which hinders us to grow in faith and to live our lives to the fullest. We leave behind death-causing pains and troubles and embrace a new journey that leads to a new life in Christ.

      As we run, we carry with us the message of hope—that Christ is risen and is with us along the journey of life. He has conquered death and evil and with His power over darkness, we shine with Him with the light that continues to bring hope and consolation to the weary. We bring the message of hope in our encounter with one another especially in the spirit of dialogue and solidarity.

      Taking the Easter run, we behold the Lord Jesus Christ on the way—in the ordinary moments of our lives and in our missionary journey. We see the Lord’s constant presence at the centre of everything that we do even when challenges abound.

      May the Risen Lord grant us the dynamism to run the race of life until we reach the glory of heavenly reward.