24 October 2022

Claret, Rooted in Christ!

Dear Claretians, Fiesta blessings!


We celebrate with great joy the gift of St. Anthony Mary Claret in the Church and in the Congregation. As we remember his missionary zeal, we behold him as our inspiration in living our lives rooted in Christ.

We are also grateful for the gift of Claret School of Quezon City as we celebrate 55 years of missionary journey. This Institution, built on the foundation of mission, continues to move forward with hope beyond the many challenges that we face. There  is hope considering that we, Claretians, are dauntless in upholding the Claretian legacy and heritage encapsulated in our maxim, “Knowledge is best with virtue.”

May the spirit of St. Anthony Mary Claret and the vision of Claret School of Quezon City remain blazing in our hearts as we accompany one another in our life of mission.