July 8, 2022
CSQC Auditorium
This year, having learned the best of what we can do in an online setup and seeing the importance of face-to-face accompaniment and learning, we shall strike the balance of things without prejudice to the demand of excellence. We pursue this year the CODE+ as we transition in an IBEd structure. The general framework of CODE+ brings into consideration the online delivery mode of classroom presentation and discussion and the limited face-to-face delivery of activities and programs that would enhance and support learning. The plus that we attach to the best of CODE contains the essential learning aspects on the basis of the curriculum that would have to be delivered more effectively in a face-to-face modality. Let us try to balance the needs of the students—between safety and interpersonal encounters. The periodic in-person interaction shall be calendared based on the academic program offering, the CoVID19 limitation, and the grade level of the students. The entire breadth of CODE+ shall be determined with the help of the academic experts and leaders among us to be spearheaded by the newly appointed IBEd Principal.