July 8, 2022
CSQC Auditorium
We continue on with our charismatic identity of being afire with mission in the service of the Gospel but we are called to focus on our rootedness in Christ. Part of the XXVI General Chapter of the Claretian Missionaries which was celebrated last year in Rome has urged all Claretian communities around the globe to be rooted in Christ. While this is not a new invitation, there has to be renewed vigor in deepening our encounter with Christ especially according to the wellspring of the Claretian Spirituality and Tradition. Being rooted in Christ is a never-ending call to contemplate the Lord Jesus Christ especially through the Eucharist and the Word. What we have started in the Integration Day Program in years past would have to continue and all other dynamic programs and activities that would make us see the face of Christ and make us immersed in the fountain of His love and the values of the Gospel should be intensified.
Excellence in every task, in every work, in every assignment would be possible if we direct our entire being as the extensions of Christ in the world. If we are to serve as Christ served, we realize that we have to give our all in everything that we do because Christ Jesus gave His entire life in the work of salvation. His life, his mission, his death and his resurrection manifest an entire person marked with excellence.
Being rooted in Christ, we shall never be swayed by the winds of despair and frustrations but shall be strengthened with grace to discover, innovate, and pursue creative possibilities in an ever-changing environment—all for the sake of mission.