Dear Claretians—Batch Tempus:

“Tempus fugit”, you may say as you are about to leave the portals of Claret School of Quezon City. Time has flown so fast that what you have never thought to be a totally different year would be over soon. When we ended School Year 2019-2020, we had hoped that things would be better for SY 2020-2021. However, as time moved so quickly as it intertwined synchronously and asynchronously with pain, grief, frustration, and restlessness, we can now just say with the breath of relief—it is over. 

While time flies, you have to hold on to time not to control it but to reminisce it with the memories deeply embedded in your hearts and in your consciousness. You have wonderful memories, I believe—with your family, friends, classmates, schoolmates, teachers, and staff, and all others who have journeyed with you all along especially during your high school years.

The past experiences and learnings are not simply part of your high school journal. These must have taught you something beyond what is written in books and presented in classrooms. Keep these past episodes of your life story as you move to the future. Your future will always be a beautiful possibility of a wonderful story yet to be written. Write that future as you would with the blessings of today and the learnings of yesterday.

You are tempus. Let the meaningful and dynamic movement of your life in time find its “mainspring” in charity. When the love of God and neighbor provides you with the energy to move in time, then all of your yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, become a single moment of awe and wonder because God is the driving force. When God is with you, no experience of pain, no pandemic, no crisis, would have the power to distort your time.

You are Claretians. As you remain dauntless with the zeal of mission, keep the flame of knowledge with virtue blazing with love in service to others. 


Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute