Dear Claretians, you may have been trapped in a situation of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and pain due to the pandemic. Many of you may have remained in your homes and the lockdown may have been a confinement that imprisoned your free spirits.

As you come to this celebration of grade school graduation ceremony, in a manner you may have not wished, remember that you are blessed with freedom. Yes you may be trapped but you are free. Your freedom is experienced by the fact that you have opted to learn and will continue to learn. Your freedom is marked by the reality that you have grown and you will continue to grow. Your freedom is enshrined in your hearts and minds that choose to do good and uphold the good no matter what.

The pandemic may have detained you in your homes but claim that you are free. Let the experience of freedom embolden you more to find that which is good, true and holy in every step ahead of you so that you will be instruments of God in making others experience the meaning of life in any crisis situation.

You are Claretians and you are dauntless. May all the learning experiences you had in your grade school years and especially during this last year of your journey in the elementary level keep you grounded in freedom so that you can grow more in becoming the persons that the Lord desired you to be.

Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute!