The past weeks have been filled with various activities that remind us of our communal desire to move on with our Vision and Mission as an Institution. The Intramural Games have given opportunities to our students to enjoy extra-curricular activities together. Through the Career Fair spearheaded by the Student Development Center, the Grade 12 students, with their hopes and aspirations, have been accompanied in their ongoing discernment. The Family Day Celebrations which are being celebrated during designated weekends have been warm and meaningful with the presence of the family members of the Claretian students. Special acknowledgement is given to the PTA for the initiative and support. The fund campaign of the Central Board of Students through the Load ‘em Up program and the special book launch of the first batch of students under the Humanities and Social Sciences are all signs of creative leadership of the students. Moreover, with the celebration of the First Communion of the Grade 4 Pupils, the life with Jesus Christ, the fount and summit of holiness, continues.

            With all the aforementioned activities and the many other activities in and out of the classrooms, we appreciate the contribution of everyone involved. As we celebrate this week the National Bible Week, we are reminded of our identification with the charism of the Claretian Missionaries as servants of the Word.Let us continue to journey together as Claretians on fire with God’s love. Scientia Maxime cum Virtute