The Light of Easter

As we celebrate Easter today, the Enhanced Community Quarantine status in “Metro Manila Plus Bubble” is still in place. We remain enclosed. Fear and anxiety are heightened as we see the number of CoVid-19 cases rising. The experience of darkness continues to hover on a world tempted to despair. There is void in our hearts as we find ourselves helpless while we shout with angst and roar with exasperation.

Images of CoVid-19 come to us with the realities of people we know who may be afflicted with the virus. While more and more familiar faces carry the agony brought about by the pandemic, we become all the more disturbed. As stories of pain and death are shared among us, the “bubbled” image of a secured life is shattered. We may have tried to live with false securities and embelished statements that may have led us to believe that “everything is alright”, “nothing is wrong” and “everyone is doing great”. However, as dawn breaks upon us, we have found that the “paradise crafted by politics of egoism” is not paradise at all. In our brokenness today, we see flicker of truth bringing to light what is lacking—or what is really wrong in our society.

As we run with the apostles to see the empty tomb, let us see the signs of truth around us. Let us rise at Easter morn and be awakened from the slumber of falsehood. Let the light of truth break into our hearts hardened by apathy, selfishness, and mockery.

Jesus Christ, in His redemptive act, did not remain in pain and agony. He overpowered all evil with His love that transforms and enlivens. May His resurrection bring us renewed strength to combat the evil of deception and work together to set ablaze the flame of truth that leads to genuine service for the common good.

Let the light of Easter dispel the darkness in our hearts and in our communities.

Easter blessings to everyone!