August 20 Assembly

When I was in my younger years in my vocation journey, I had a special moment with my father when I told him I was going through a crisis experience—After sharing with him my struggles in my studies and in the other demands of seminary life, he told me, “My son, you may be going through all these difficulties but you have to continue and move forward; we are with you. And if you fail, you can always come home.”

Dear Claretians, you are in a different situation now and life may not be that easy and comfortable but you have to move on and continue. You are at home with your parents who love you and make that reality a fundamental reason for you to take this 2020-2021 journey. Remember that this journey continues because

1. You have a goal to achieve—The dreams that you aspire and the ideal life that you have set before you must not vanish because of fear nor frustration. The pandemic should never hinder any planned future that goes beyond this school year. As you keep the dreams alive in your heart, be joyful to share these with your families so that with them, hope shall ever radiate in your homes.

2. You have gifts to nurture and share—As Claretians, I believe in the many talents and skills that you have been gifted by the Lord. Continue to nurture these gifts on your own through diligence, with your classmates and schoolmates through virtual collaboration, and with your teachers through reflective interaction. Do not let these gifts go off with the pandemic. Keep growing with the wonder of life fully blessed with every good gift.

3. You have God who remains with you along this year and throughout your life. Don’t give up because God never gives up on you and in the life that He has given you. Have faith in Him for He alone can direct you along the path that you have to take. The God who has inspired our Father Founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret, is the same God who walks with you always.

Giving up amidst the crisis is never our option. We continue as Claretians fully vibrant with the motto “Knowledge is best with virtue.”
Let us keep going.