Aimed at accompanying the personnel towards rootedness in the Claretian identity and closer community ties, the CSQC held the Integration Day Program (IDP) and the Team Building Activity onsite last September 24, 2022. The said IDP was the first in a series this school year while the team building was held to bring the entire community together as the School adopts the Integrated Basic Education Program.


To open the day’s activities, Fr. Mauricio Ulep, CMF, the School Director, emphasized the missionary identity of each member of the CSQC community which is lived in the spirit of strong collaboration, closeness to God and competent service. Facilitated by the Faith Education and Enrichment Department (FEED), the IDP was an introduction on the Claretian Spirituality particularly on being Servants of the Word. Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF, the Provincial Vicar and the Provincial Prefect of Spirituality, gave an exposition on the Claretian Spirituality; while Fr. Alejandro Gobrin, CMF, the Provincial Prefect of Biblical Pastoral Ministry and Communication, engaged the community in rediscovering St. Anthony Mary Claret and his zeal for the Word of God and how the Claretian spirit is translated in the La Fragua (Claretian) pedagogy.


 Fr. Mauricio T. Ulep, CMF, School Director


Fr. Amador C. Tumbaga, CMF- Provincial Vicar



Fr. Alejandro Gobrin, CMF- Provincial Prefect of Biblical Pastoral Ministry and Communication




The IDP was capped with the Thanksgiving Mass of Fr. Wigbert Papa, CMF, the FEED Coordinator and the Provincial Secretary. All the other Claretian Missionaries ministering at CSQC and almost all members of the Curia Community were also present during the concelebrated mass.


The Provincial Curia Community


In the afternoon, the Human Resource Management and Development Office (HRMDO) facilitated the group dynamics for team building. The activities helped the faculty and staff get acquainted with one another and listen to one another with their individual learnings and reflections.



With this year’s theme AFIRE WITH MISSION IN THE SERVICE OF THE GOSPEL: We are Missionaries, Rooted in Christ, the CSQC employees were initiated to take into serious undertaking the forge process (La Fragua) in order to become missionary arrows.