About the Microsoft Innovative Educator Programs

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) programs recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. These are a variety of programs to help both educators who are just beginning this journey, as well as programs for educators who are leaders in innovative education.


Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

As you become skilled at integrating technology into the classroom, consider submitting your self-nomination to join the MIE Expert program to work closely with Microsoft and lead innovation in education.


What is the role of an MIE Expert?

  • MIE Experts have adopted 21st century teaching and learning, take risks, and strive to improve their pedagogy to integrate technology tools that improve student outcomes.
  • They model that failure is an opportunity to reflect and learn as well as resiliency.
  • They see the MIE Expert community as a valuable Professional Learning Community that helps them continue to improve their own practice.
  • They are seen as a leader in their school and school system.
  • They provide coaching/mentoring to other teachers and support their growth.
  • They partner with principals and school leaders in whole school/system transformation.
  • They are comfortable presenting in front of other educators/leaders and sharing their stories of growth and learning.
  • They look for ways to give back to the teaching profession (MIE Experts get back what they put into the program)

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