As a talent discovery in the area of Music, the annual Grade School Music Fest Championship was held on February 24, 2020 at the Auditorium.  Joining the final competition were 15 finalists from Grades 1 and 2 who competed in Category A, 20 finalists from Grades 3 and 4 for Category B and 19 finalists from Grades 5 and 6 for Category C.

To ensure the real champions, the members of the panel of judges included experts in the field of music and performance --- Mr. Niño Lofamia, Mr. Meynard Espinosa, Mr. Arman Ferrer, Mr. Jayson Dedal, and Mrs. Ma. Melinda de los Reyes. Among these judges, three are alumni of the Grade School Unit.

A music workshop was conducted by Mr. Arman Ferrer to ensure quality performances from the said finalists.

CATEGORY A: 2ndRunner up - Rafael  Iñigo Madrid | 1stRunner up - Antonio  Iñigo  Umali | CHAMPION-  Sebastian Matheo Asuncion


Category B: 2nd Runner up - Dean Edward Esteban |  1st Runner up – Elijah Chanliongco | Champion - Paolo Manuel  Sison III


Category C: Most Promising – John Denver Mendoza | 1st Runner up – Joaquin Kayanan | 2nd Runner up – Bart Senen | Champion - Titus Pulido