The CSQC-PTA Summer League held last July 10-15, 2023 at the Claret Gymnasium concluded with a resounding success. The said league served as a platform to bring members of the CSQC-PTA together, fostering camaraderie through friendly basketball and volleyball competitions. Throughout the event, everyone who participated experienced a sense of unity and togetherness built on joy and friendship.

In the basketball category, the Black Team won the first place while the Blue Team secured the second place, and the Yellow Team landed third.



In the volleyball matches, which were equally enthralling, the Dream Team emerged as the top-ranking team, while the Gold Diggers claimed the second-place spot. The Varsity Moms and the PTA Sindak Spikers secured the third and fourth place, respectively.


Mr. Brigham Yague, the CSQC-PTA President, played a pivotal role in guiding the league's purpose and realization. Mr. Yague emphasized the true essence of the league—that what truly matters are friendship and camaraderie, not trophies and medals. With Mr. Yague’s leadership and the committee’s active collaboration, the CSQC-PTA Summer League successfully achieved its objective of promoting athletic engagement while  nurturing meaningful relationships within the community.

As the league concluded, the CSQC-PTA expressed gratitude to the school administration and to everyone who helped realize the event.