Last January 27, 2018, Claret School of Quezon City celebrated the First Holy Communion for our Grade School students (Grade 4). In a wonderful and very solemn Eucharistic Concelebration presided over by our beloved School Administrator, Rev. Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF with Rev. Fr. Christopher B. Ligason, CMF, the School’s Spiritual Director; around 198 of our Grade School students received Jesus in the Holy Communion for the first time. This is such a momentous event for our dear young Claretians as this marks a significant milestone in their Christian faith-journey. Expressions of deep gladness were very evident in the faces of the First Communicants during the Mass.


Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF, Fr. Christopher B. Ligason, CMF, GS Teachers together with the Grade 4 First communicants after the Eucharistic Celebration


         “I cannot explain the sentiments I experienced when for the first time I had the incomparable happiness of receiving my sweet Jesus into my heart.” - San Antonio Maria Claret (Autobiography, Part I, ch. 6)

         Moreover, our beloved Claretian parents and their relatives and friends shared this “heavenly and joyful experience”. Many of them commented that they felt like they were in a heavenly gathering with all the choirs of angels praising and declaring the glory of the Triune God. More importantly, the celebration became even more meaningful with the wonderful and very inspiring homily given by Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF. Towards the end of the Mass the First Communicants consecrated themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary accompanied by the offering of beautiful flowers (orchids) as a sign of our deep love and great devotion to the Blessed Mother.


Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF as the  Main Presider of the Eucharistic Celebration


        The First Holy Communion Celebration is one of the activities for the Christian-Spiritual Formation Program of the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) of the CSQC’s Faith Education and Enrichment Dep’t (FEED) headed by Fr. Christopher B. Ligason, CMF. We recognized the collaboration and support of the Grade 4 Faculty under the leadership of Mr. Rommel Manikan which made the event remarkably successful. Likewise, we commend the invaluable efforts of the CLE Dep’t (Coordinator, Mrs. Maria Gresilda P. Ticman) and Music Dep’t of the Grade School Unit for their great help and generous support. Special thanks to the Commentator, Ms. Elleni Uno, the Choir organist, Ms. Kim Abesamis, and the Song Conductor, Ms. Evelyn Martinez. To the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to St. Anthony Mary Claret, our deepest gratitude for the many good things God has bestowed on us through their most powerful intercessions. To the School Administrators and Personnel, to the First Communicants, and to the parents and other guests, who were part of this great event, a numerous thanks to all of you and a heartfelt congratulations for a service well done. We offer this wonderful endeavor for the greater glory of God.

       God bless you all!