As the Nursery students ended their synchronous classes for SY 2021-2022, the Child Study Center ventured on another exciting and meaningful activity entitled CSC Community Helpers Day. Last March 25, the students engaged in interactive activities with the presence of invited community helpers. During the activity, the students dressed up like the community helpers whom they admire and aspire to become in the future. 

Community helpers from the school were invited as speakers. Ms. Ramona Magdalena F. Victoria, a Claretian PE teacher, taught the students the importance of exercise   in having a healthy mind and a healthy body. Together with Teacher Mona the students   danced and exercised using either a scarf or a handkerchief.


Ms. Oliva Noly M. Santos, our school nurse, shared ways to keep the body healthy through regular check-ups and healthy habits. She engaged the students by conducting a simple guessing game which the students enjoyed.

Ms. Vien Camille V. San Pedro, the school librarian, shared the various roles of a librarian in assisting students and the school community as a whole. She taught the students the importance of books and how these can create different experiences and adventures.

Ms. Rina Jean L. Ombid, an artist and a Grade School Art teacher accompanied the students in their creative exploration through a painting activity. It was a fun and engaging hands-on experience that inspired the students to express themselves artistically and productively. The students learned that Art can develop different skills which involve decision-making, inventiveness, and creativity.

Through the different community helpers, the students were able to   understand the importance of responsibilities. They were also able to appreciate the values of patience, hard work, and perseverance to succeed in life. It was also a venue for inspiring students to dream and pursue this dream as they become productive citizens in the future.