Claretian roboticists showed their excellent skills on the mat by garnering top awards in the Robot Virtual Games (RVG) Championship 2021 Philippine  Regionals held on November 4 to 8, 2021. The event saw action among elementary, junior and senior high students  who participated in the Philippine Robotics Olympiad and have qualified to join the RVG Regional Finals. Claret Senior High Team A composed of Juan Gabriel A. Flores, Enzo Rafael A. Zapanta and Leorenzo Antonio C. Dometita, all Grade 11 students were declared the champions  in the Senior High School Advance Category. Claret Junior High Team B ranked 5th in the Junior High School Beginner Category. The team was composed of Ethan Jadrei B. Peños and Xian Karl V. Rimando from Grade 8, and Alejandre  Kendrick C. Arellano from Grade 7. In this particular competition, a mat or playing field is given on the day of the competition. The mat is composed of a track where the robot has to travel and pick up as many objects as it can, and bring the objects to a designated area in the shortest time possible. This event required very good programming skills to navigate the robots. Even though the Claretians have excelled in robotics , they were always reminded to keep their feet on the ground and continue to remain humble and helpful  to their fellow team members and competitors.

Juan Gabriel A. Flores, Enzo Rafael A.  Zapanta  and Leorenzo Antonio C.  Dometita 


Ethan Jadrei B. Peños,  Xian Karl V. Rimando  and Alejandre  Kendrick C. Arellano

Here is the link to the RVG Championship 2021 Regional Closing and Awarding Ceremony:

 This amazing feat earned for the Junior and Senior High teams the right to represent the Philippines in the RVG 2021 Championship International on December 1 to 12, 2021. More than 50 countries from all over the world will be participating in this event.


Another Claretian gave honors to Claret  School of Quezon City. Ed Bennett L. Borromeo , Grade 11, won  4th place in the Colorynth Event,   Robojam Paraguay/Panama held on November 4 and 5, 2021. It was a tough event; the participants went  live on their presentation.  Bennett showed composure throughout the race and was the only Asian to land among the top 5; the rest were from Latin America in this particular category.

See Ed Bennett L.  Borromeo’s performance: