On November 8, 2021, the Student Development Center (SDC) of Claret School of Quezon City in partnership with Guidance NGO sponsored a career webinar for the Grade 12 Claretians.

ADAPTATION is a career webinar designed for the Grade 12 students. It is a restructured version of the old Choices Webinar wherein students were oriented on various colleges and universities where they can pursue higher education. The Webinar recapped the preparations that they have gone through in junior and senior high school and discussed the ABC’s of evaluating colleges and universities—Accreditation, Board Exam Performance, and CHEd Citations (Center of Excellence, Center of Development) and other factors that they may want to consider in choosing which institution they can pursue post-secondary education.

The webinar aimed to assist the Senior High School students in preparing them for college by providing useful information and insights on the different fields of work or professions and other factors which are pertinent to self, social and career development. The resource speaker was Mr. Serafin “Junn” C. Geronimo, Jr. from Guidance NGO.