To make the young Claretians aware of the different professions, and to provide them with first hand encounter with the different community helpers, the CSC holds its annual Community Helpers Day. For this year the Culminating Activity was held last February 28, 2020.

A parade started the day with students wearing the costume of what they aspire to be when they grow up. Invited parent resource speakers and other representatives from both private and government sectors came over to facilitate the students’ hands-on learning experiences. The classrooms were set-up as community places where the students interacted with the community helpers.

Apart from dancing, playing basketball, planting, baking, creating documentary stories, taking photos and handling the firehose as highlights of this year’s event, the students learned how to live in community with the spirit of service through the sharing of insights by the invited guests. Through this event, it is hoped that Claret School was able to open the minds of these young children on the value of community service.