In celebration of the School’s 52nd Foundation Anniversary, the Grade School Unit has once again paved a way for the students, teachers, parents, and guests to experience nostalgia at its best with this year’s 90’s Dance Contest. Held last October 23, 2019 at the Claret School of Quezon City’s auditorium, the said contest exhibited the dancing and entertainment skills of students from Grades 1-6.

There were two categories in the said contest---Onechamacallit (Grade 1), Elementrix (Grade 2), and The Ex3mes (Grade 3) vied for Category A; the G4s (Grade 4), 5-Volt Movers (Grade 5), and Animazing (Grade 6) competed for Category B.

All the participants showed energetic and awesome performances as the dancers expressed themselves with confidence. In the end, the Ex3mes of the Grade 3 Level and the 5-Volt Movers of the Grade 5 Level garnered the highest awards.