1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics )

The school offers a STEM Education that develops among students relevant skills for innovation, experimentation and productivity and apply them so that they become future Filipino scientists, inventors, and initiators of significant technologies that are responsive to the needs of local communities.


2. ABM (Accountancy, Business & Marketing)

Claret School offers a Business Education that aims to engage students in management, investment, finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. The program is geared in forming responsible and innovative businessmen with skills in business planning, market strategizing and fostering healthy relationships with people in a business organization. It promotes a business advocacy that puts premium on people.


3. GA (General Academic)

The school provides an academic program that cuts across STEM, ABM, & HUMSS strands. It includes a variety of subjects with a strong technology base to help students become more engaged in multiple learning pathways. Thus, it leads students to become enterprising, creative and innovative in life.


4. HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

The school opens a HUMSS program, beginning SY 2017-2018, that introduces students to the basic subjects in Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. It aims to develop students’ critical and reflective thinking, civic and citizenship skills while engaging in current national trends, global concerns, social development issues and activities on community involvement.