Apostolic Prayer of Claret

O my God and Father,
Grant that I may
know You and make You known,
that I love You and bring others to love You,
that I serve You and inspire others to serve You,
that I praise You and work that all
Your creatures praise You.
Grant, my Father, that all sinners be converted,
that all the just persevere in grace
and all of us reach eternal glory. Amen.


Claret School March

Music by Sister Ma. Rosalina Abejo, RVM

Lyrics by Mercedes Soliven-David

Gather round, O Sons of Great Claret
Fill the air with joy and love!
For we learn that knowledge is delight,
Fulfilling the wish of our God!
Embrace virtue, we must
Spread the truth, we shall;
Love justice, ‘til we die;
Hope and peace to this world impart!
March on with Christ’s vision,
Keep high, our Queen’s traditions
Dauntless and strong as one band,
Guided by Anthony Claret.

Hymn to St. Anthony Claret

~ I ~
Jesus passed along your path one morning
And seeing you, He called you by your name
He would make you a witness of His Kingdom
You would bring the Good News throughout His reign
And you set out traversing seas and mountains
To all you preached the message of the Lord
You reached the farthest islands and their peoples
Showing them God’s forgiveness and His love.
Claret, you are a pilgrim
You are a sower
The seed you scatter is the Good News
You reached all colors and races
There’s only one Father, only one Lord
Claret, through your example
We see our mission
We must be witnesses, we must bring hope
We want to follow your footsteps
And tell the people that God is love.
~ II ~
Your love aimed to spread the gospel of the Kingdom
Your life was filled with Jesus and His word
And you brought him to villages and peoples
Just like Mary, her son gave to the world
We, too, will follow closely your example
The new Claretian family in Christ
We wish to be a beacon in the darkness
And to all bring the hope of a new life.

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